Company spirit:

Teamwork: trust-based, close collaboration of staff, formed a youthful vitality, forge ahead in unity, proactive team

Rigorous and realistic: employees do their job, only in strict accordance with the procedures and systems to work in order to create a fair and equal work and competitive environment

Honest and trustworthy: Chong Rongfa win the trust of the staff, win the trust of customers, sincere feedback to customers and the community

Unlimited communication: Chong Rongfa provides smooth communication channels, efficient information exchange platform, closer to the staff, and customers, suppliers, the distance between the mind

Practice innovation: innovation is a pioneer in the development of the momentum, is a wing of the excellent quality of the eternal pursuit of excellence, the company adhere to market-oriented, and constantly develop a variety of new products

    Integrity management:

A. Company to protect all suppliers and customer interests, believe in the principle of good faith.

B. The company requires sincere treatment with the staff, no fraud.

C. The lawful operation of the company, abide by the relevant state laws and regulations.

D. Company manufacture and sale of products does not violate any national laws and regulations and the provisions of the World Trade Organization, and bear the relevant social responsibility.

E. The company opposes any unfair competition.

F. The company is committed to protecting customers' patents, trademarks, intellectual property and other confidential data.

    Quality Policy:

Excellence excellence excellence in innovation and build first - class enterprises

    Environmental policy:

Compliance: comply with national, local and industry-related laws and regulations, law-abiding enterprises

Prevent pollution: identify environmental factors, develop environmental programs, prevent pollution, beautify the Earth home

Saving energy, saving energy, cherishing resources, reducing materials, manpower, capital, equipment consumption, reducing costs; 7S activities to create a good production and working environment; continuous improvement of process design, the use of clean energy, raw materials, Classification of goods placed, turning waste into treasure, recycling.

Continuous improvement: long-term attention to the requirements of the relevant parties, the company continued to improve the environmental management system, and continuously improve environmental performance